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Technical Support Solutions

We provide advanced computer support with quality customer service for big business, individuals, startups and SMEs

Advanced Troubleshooting

Need an outstanding issue resolved once and for all? Our senior staff have computer support experience spanning decades. We solve problems that other give up on.

Virus Removal

Are you buried in advertising windows? Maybe the bank locked you out of their online services, or perhaps you keep finding new software installed you didn’t ask for. Let us clean up your computer so you can get back to what you want to be doing.

Level 2 support

FAQs and community-driven forums can only go so far. Let B&TCI offer your customers the next level of professional, quality customer support and let your development team get on with development.

International Coverage

We can offer remote support globally; Ideal for travelers or companies spread across the globe.

We have local numbers in the UK and Australia, or we can call you.

Social Media & Website Consulting

We offer technical assistance and brand consulting to help you build an on-line presence.

Small Business Solutions

We’re small businesses that support small business. Why reinvent the wheel? Let our experience help you.

Quality Technical Support & Customer Service

No strings attached, just good work
At B&TCI we believe that our service is what will bring you back

We won't force you to sign on for a year. We won't move all your stuff into a service to trap you into paying us. We believe in quality customer service and real solutions built around what your company needs, not what has the biggest profit margin.

We want to work with your business, understand your needs, listen to your issues and work with you to provide quality solutions.

We don't believe that minimising contact with our clients is the way to higher profits. We may fix computers, but people are our customers.

  • £50/hour (UK), A$100/hour (Aus)

    (Minimum of 30 minutes per remote support session, 1 hour for site visits)

  • Ask about our month-to-month subscription for small consulting jobs and rapid response options